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The former owners and operators of the online shop,, were found to be selling replica Chanel products, which was a violation of a number of United States Federal laws. A lawsuit ensued and a District Court Judge of the United States ordered the ownership and control of the domain name,, be relinquished by former online replica sellers and transferred to CHANEL. An award for damages against the former replica shop operators of more than $1,000,000.00 to CHANEL was also ordered to be paid immediately.

About Replica Chanel

CHANEL Orange Flap Bag Authentic Not A Replica

A wardrobe instilled with CHANEL is a wardrobe abundant with distinguished and timeless appeal. In order to make and retain the wardrobe of your dreams a reality, there is just one simple golden rule to follow. That is to never acquire a Chanel replica.

At Runway Handbags, we indulge in real CHANEL and shun knockoffs, replicas, imitations, inspired by or fakes. Replicas have no place in our closets. They diminish the look, value, comfort and style of any outfit.

Regardless of what is touted by the online replica shops, a replica Chanel is not CHANEL.

Often online replica shops will urge shoppers to purchase replica Chanel bags. Reasons given such as 7 star mirror image quality, that no one will detect that they are fake, using the same materials and factories, customer satisfaction, attractive and affordable prices, and guarantees are all too often commonly found in their advertising. Just remember, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

We encourage everyone to avoid replicas and stay with the original. No replica will be able to live up to the exceptionally high craftsmanship of an original Chanel.