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The former owners and operators of the online shop,, were found to be selling replica Chanel products, which was a violation of a number of United States Federal laws. A lawsuit ensued and a District Court Judge of the United States ordered the ownership and control of the domain name,, be relinquished by former online replica sellers and transferred to CHANEL. An award for damages against the former replica shop operators of more than $1,000,000.00 to CHANEL was also ordered to be paid immediately.


CHANEL Gabrielle Bag Authentic Not A Replica a918

CHANEL Gabrielle Handbags

One day the CHANEL Boy Bag appeared and gripped the attention and fascination of the masses. Then, just when we least expected it, there was the Gabrielle Bag making its grand entrance into the fashion world. We were curious at first, then we fell in love. We all wanted a Gabrielle of our own.

If that wasn't enough, to our pleasant surprise, the Gabrielle emerged in four different versions. The purse version, Hobo version including a backpack style, and a shopping version all bear a strap that allows adjustments for shoulder, cross-body or both.

As an unfortunate matter of course, criminal organizations and/or illegal businesses quickly started producing and attempting to sell fake versions of the CHANEL Gabrielle bag.

Consumers have a voice when it comes to fake Chanel bags. Buying a replica purse sends a message to the criminal syndicates. The message is relayed to not only the criminals, but to the world to the greatest extent. It reads something to the tune of being glad to offer money to subsidize and support any future illegal activities of criminal enterprises.

With profits made from fake designer goods, criminal organizations involvement in the nefarious can escalate quickly. All consumers can assume an important role to keep crime off the streets, simply by remaining uncompromising and unflinching about refusing replicas while shopping.

By being dead set on getting an authentic CHANEL Gabrielle Bag can make all the difference in the world.