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The former owners and operators of the online shop,, were found to be selling replica Chanel products, which was a violation of a number of United States Federal laws. A lawsuit ensued and a District Court Judge of the United States ordered the ownership and control of the domain name,, be relinquished by former online replica sellers and transferred to CHANEL. An award for damages against the former replica shop operators of more than $1,000,000.00 to CHANEL was also ordered to be paid immediately.

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Runway Handbags welcomes you to the new RUNWAY HANDBAGS.

Ever wonder what a Chanel replica is? We're here to provide as much information as we can about the Do's and Don'ts of shopping safely, so everyone can make an educated and informed choice. We'll be discussing authentic Chanel handbags, cheap replica bags, outlet stores, and much more. Visit us often for updates.

In the past, Runway Handbags formerly sold replica Chanel bags including the Lambskin Large Shopper Chocolate Bags Retail: $318 USD Wholesale: $149 USD; and the Pink CC Open Flap Bags Retail: $178 USD Wholesale: $79 USD. These handbags were illegal and will not be sold here any longer. By Court Order, the replica outlet was ordered to be shut down. As a result, we are now glad to be here to bring you some helpful new shopping information about replica Chanel handbags.

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