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The former owners and operators of the online shop,, were found to be selling replica Chanel products, which was a violation of a number of United States Federal laws. A lawsuit ensued and a District Court Judge of the United States ordered the ownership and control of the domain name,, be relinquished by former online replica sellers and transferred to CHANEL. An award for damages against the former replica shop operators of more than $1,000,000.00 to CHANEL was also ordered to be paid immediately.

Chanel Bags

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CHANEL bags are so many things to so many people. A CHANEL bag is a way to look good and feel good anywhere, anytime. Grab it and go to the office or a night out. A CHANEL tote bag eases the demands of every day commuting, or travelling to a far off land. A CHANEL clutch bag is certain to bring delight as you place it into a shopper bag while running errands, and all by itself while having lunch with friends.

Replica Chanel bags are unquestionably not a suitable alternative to the real thing. It is hard pressed to come up with valid reasons to purchase a knockoff. Although the prices of replica bags are lower than the original, they are not inexpensive. They actually cost more than their face value, as the fake bags are often produced for a few dollars but are sold for hundreds. Although the replica shops claim to have exact imitations, the quality remains poor. The leather and metals used are often unacceptably subpar, which dramatically decreases the life of the bag. Stitching is often obviously thinner and shorter, causing a great possibility of splitting and breaking. The beauty and luxury of CHANEL is surely to be missing in a replica. Replica Chanel purses are produced without permission and without the high skills of CHANEL artisans, ultimately amounting to a very poor and unethical choice when acquiring a bag.

Choose authentic CHANEL to foster the true CHANEL experience.