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The former owners and operators of the online shop,, were found to be selling replica Chanel products, which was a violation of a number of United States Federal laws. A lawsuit ensued and a District Court Judge of the United States ordered the ownership and control of the domain name,, be relinquished by former online replica sellers and transferred to CHANEL. An award for damages against the former replica shop operators of more than $1,000,000.00 to CHANEL was also ordered to be paid immediately.

Runway Handbags Chanel Replica Store

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Proclaiming themselves to have “the widest selection of top quality designer bag replicas on the web” Runway Handbags once operated a store using this domain. This former online store sold a variety of replica Chanel and Louis Vuitton products both in individual retail sales and in bulk wholesale sales. Among the 121 replica Chanel products offered for sale was a “Chanel Cambon Line Key Holder White Black CCs” for $89 and a “Chanel Cambon Line Medium Wallet Black Snake CCs” also for $89. These items were all advertised to come with an "authenticity card (with hologram serial number that is the same as the interior serial number), dust bag, and care booklet.”

Repeating claims typical of replica Chanel stores, Runway Handbags once told their customers:

All of the luxury handbags that we carry, from Louis Vuitton to Chanel, are 99.9% true mirror image replica bags. No-one will ever know you aren't carrying an authentic Louis Vuitton handbag, or that your authentic Chanel is in fact a Chanel replica.

Generally, such claims by replica outlets might hold up until perhaps one day someone received their replica Chanel bag order and realized that all they got for their money was a cheap low quality knockoff. CHANEL handbags are made with the highest premiere quality materials and with a focus on quality construction, whereas replica bags are often merely made as quickly and cheaply as possible.